What Are The Adoption Policies?

Making an addition to your family is so easy!

In 4 easy steps you can have a new furry friend!!!

Policy #1

In State Adoptions ONLY

Since we require a home visit, we are unable to do out of state adoptions. We pride ourselves on being thorough and ensuring the best home possible for our pets. This policy allows us to fulfill this essential need.

Policy #2

All Pets in Home
Should Be Up To Date

We have high expectations for the future of our rescue pets. Therefore, we do call your vet to make sure that your current or past pets were always kept up to date on vaccines, dentals, yearly visits, etc. We can help tell the future of our rescue pet based on your past.

Policy #3

All Pets in Home Should Be Spayed and Neutered

We have a zero tolerance policy for breeding. Therefore, we require that all pets living in the home be Spayed/Neutered. Your new pet will also already be Spayed/Neutered.

Policy #4

A Home Visit is Mandatory

Before your new pet comes home we may be required to come by and ensure a safe environment. We are not here to judge you, just to make sure the home is a positive environment for our rescue pet. Often times this is done at the same time as your Meet & Greet.