Volunteering & Fostering

Volunteering & Fostering

VIP Rescue of Central Florida is a 100% volunteer foster home based organization. All of the dogs that are rescued are placed into volunteer’s foster homes. Each dog receives one-on-one care and training from their foster parent. Our organization puts all of our focus on the dogs first. When VIP Rescue of Central Florida hears of an animal in need, we spring into action. With our network of foster parents, we move quickly to rescue and place the dog immediately.

VIP Rescue of Central Florida does not own or run any type of shelter or facility for dogs in need. Therefore, our foster families are our most valuable resource. The amount of dogs we can rescue is only limited to the amount of foster homes we have available. Many of our foster parents elect to foster more than one dog. It is always the foster parent’s choice as to how much they wish to volunteer.

Many of our foster parents hear frequently from friends that they “could never do it, I’d fall in love with the dog.” This is a true statement. All of our foster parents love the dogs they rescue. That is part of the process in rehabilitating and finding a dog a new home. Many of the dogs we rescue come from abusive or abandoned type of situations or from high-kill shelters. These dogs need love and care. By providing your love, caring, and energy to a dog in need you help the dog become ready for adoption by a new family. The rewards come in wagging tails, warm snuggles, doggy kisses, and the satisfaction of saving a life.

VIP Rescue of Central Florida screens all applicants who are interested in one of our dogs. We require references from Vets, Groomers, Friends, etc. While we do a thorough check prior to placing a dog into a new home, the foster parents always have a say in the prospective adopters. After all, they know the dog the best!

Fostering a dog is an experience of love, great rewards, and satisfaction. After all, by providing a dog with a temporary home the foster parent has given the dog another chance to live a wonderful life.
If you would like apply to become a foster parent for VIP Rescue of Central Florida, please complete our adoption/foster application. We look forward to shaking your paw!

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